Billing/Revenue software

Time and cost saving software

Organise your customers, finance & accounting easily online

Dashboards & overviews

you can keep an eye on tasks such as overdue invoices or upcoming expenses. Important company and financial indicators are there on click of a few buttons. Check which customers or articles perform better or open invoices and quotations.

GST Compliant

GST compliant invoices, quotations and per forma invoices can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can provide your Account team with all relevant information and receipts about your income and expenses through an easy export and import of file for your GST returns filling.

Invoices & quotations

100% digital or classic on A4. Present your work in the best light and secure the next document. Invoicing services in a legally secure and professional in best manner. FCS invoices can be created quickly and individually. You can send them to your customers at the push of a button.

Expense tracking

Expense tracking – The expense statistics give you a visual summary of your spendings. Compare your expenses over income and track your success over a period of time

Customer Data

Customer data – Save and edit your customer data centrally. Store individual discounts as well as payment and delivery conditions.

Payment Remiders

Payment reminders – If there is a delay in payment, imprezz will inform you. You decide if you want to send the reminder or the system should send this automatically for you.