Computer Hardware Support

Our regular attention to your computer hardware can save your precious data and can also increase the life of hardware


Firstz consultancy services is offering our services for the installation, servicing and support of computer Hardware, Software and networks. After installation or in AMC support, we provide professional support both onsite and remotely. For laptop and desktop under a service contract, we proactively monitor your devices to identify and resolve potential issues before they become problems. Our goal is for 100% IT solution and customer satisfaction with our services and support. Our mission and vision is to create powerful Web-based and Desktop and Laptop solutions by giving a technological edge through this new communication channel that are revolutionizing the way companies do business to achieve growth and success. We strive to achieve this by focusing individually on each project, client and build a healthy relationship with our Customers. Computer Hardware Maintenance, Anti-Virus Solutions.


In today’s distributed, server environments, our clients need a reliable, flexible, high-performing IT Server infrastructure. On top of all this, we expect that you must do more with less since resources are stretched and budgets are constrained. And on-call service and support aren’t sufficient any more to maintain clients systems at their highest efficiency and performance—you require proactive action to monitoring and upgrading to manage the costs, increase quality, mitigate risks, and improve agility. In short, the management of the company has become a critical business function for your clients —one that must be prioritized and approached strategically in order to provide them with long-term success.


Computer or office workstation Services; Computer hardware Diagnostic; Troubleshooting & computer repair; All kind software installation and troubleshooting software. FCS can monitor and manage your client's network and ensure that all the devices and network links operate without any technical issues. We have a team of network management professionals who can measure the utilization and performance of devices connected to the network. In addition, FCS conducts proactive network testing that prevents network failure and disruption.