Office 365

Plan to move their email to Microsoft Office 365

Value of Office 365

Many Value Added Resellers (VARs) serving Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises are uncertain about how to successfully integrate cloud services into their business models. However, an increasing number of VARs are stepping into the cloud and thriving by integrating it with Office 365. Of late, partners have found ways to make Office 365 a highly profitable part of their business by bundling the product with additional value and building robust support architecture.

Online services

FCS providing your to following services.
Create and manage distribution lists and contacts, Create and manage resource mailboxes, Configure Outlook with Exchange Online, Guide users in configuring supported mobile devices with Active Sync, Manage mailbox rights, Manage email flow and transport settings, Manage mailbox quota and policies, Manage SPAM and quarantine settings, Manage email archival rules, Manage email journaling, Manage data loss prevention, Manage critical mailboxes legal hold, Manage email retention policies, Manage public folder and its accessibility.

General Task