Technical Support

Technical support Providing Integrated Smart and Flexible Managed IT services.


Many Value Added Resellers (VARs) serving Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises are uncertain about how to successfully integrate cloud services into their business models. However, an increasing number of VARs are stepping into the cloud and thriving by integrating it with Office 365. Of late, partners have found ways to make Office 365 a highly profitable part of their business by bundling the product with additional value and building robust support architecture.


Managing today’s desktop environments,support,services and planning for future needs requires a wide range of skills and capabilities to troubleshoot, resolve and plan. Over-burdened IT staff and unreliable workstations can seriously impact your client’s business. Most resellers and MSPs do not have the comprehensive and non comprehensive support needed to keep their clients businesses operational. FCS’s Desktop Management Services provides VARs with the resources and services you need to support and solution high availability.


Firstz Consultancy services can monitor and manage your client's network and ensure that all the devices and network links operate without any technical issues. FCS have a team of network management professionals who can measure the utilization and performance of network devices connected to the network. In addition, FCS conducts proactive network testing that prevents network failure and disruption.


Firstz Consultancy services offers Remote Server Management Services that are backed up by consistent monitoring of the client's server for load, performance, and security. Our in-house experts can install the applicable software updates immediately after their release, and take care of all the technical issues related to your client's server. We ensure that the server dedicated to your client remains safe, secure and always connected to the Internet. Our security experts are fully equipped to manage secure server environment by using firewalls, data backup and technical expertise.

We, at FCS, understand your client’s requirements and provide both cost effective and high quality support for 100% end user satisfaction. FCS specialize in fulfilling your client’s technical support and services needs through our skilled and certified engineers that are available by phone, chat and email on a 24/7/365 basis.

Firstz consultancy services technicians are experts in resolving incidents, monitoring alerts, identifying security threats and performing end-to-end management of customers’ existing and new technology infrastructure.